Music: F. Gremo
Lyrics: F. Gremo

Floating on the thriving land
touching the blue sky with fingers of a child
way back waking at the sound
calling, waiting for you to come

Feel the clear wooden path beneath your feet
I long for the instant when we meet
it's like the first time

Bright cosy light
when you rush to my home
even if you know what you've left
you'll be knocking at my door
once more

This need for comprehension
hangs like a deadly sword above my head
it's quite confidential
you gained the right to step into my life

Heal the pale tender velvet of your face
I soak in the warmth of your embrace
discovering my senses

Quiet fairy night
with your tears in my eyes
even if I know what I have
I'll be hanging like that sword
until you're here