Music: F. Gremo
Lyrics: G. SpanÚ

Resolute steps sound,
a man is aware of them,
he's proud of his life
all spent betraying himself.

With no remorse hides
his heart from his own mind,
fateful omissions
and now back home again.

Cold breath,
come near
sad eyes.

Can you hear them?
They are trying to show
some reflections
of you dressed by guilt.

The sudden dance
shakes down the shrine
and steals your mind.
Unfair judge, look around:
it's you, your love,
our faith so sworn,
the spells you've never cast.

It's time right now,
dance with us,
put your pride away!
We are the dancers
you must free us from this shifty cage!

Cage - help - free

About to fall,
to rise your eyes,
a light ray shines,
the steps freeze,
no way out from here.
A new day dawns
to teach new lies,
the jailer of your soul.