Music: F. Gremo
Lyrics: G. SpanÚ

Entering another day
Why do you have to pray,
to cry and damn me,
to say ?I need you??
How misleading!

Just let me run away
Don't even try to deceive me
I thought ?I need you?
Don't shine your eyes
I cannot stand what you say!

Deep inside me
I grab my soul
to stand the emptiness
of the space around me.
Coloured landscape
Such a falsehood
now turning to black and white...

I'm searching for darkness
and loneliness here
hoping to find out myself again.
I still perceive you
your whispers inside
misting my view on the elected way.

Just free my dreams now
I could finally feel
myself beside

No more chances,
no way out,
you should know those rules by this time.
Hiss your hate please,
I've chosen my way
and won't turn my steps anymore!

I climbed convictions,
I'm on the height now,
since I can see it
how joyful I feel.
My eyes are sensing,
my mind can look outside
and this prejudice wall
will be finally broken.

Deep inside me
I've found my way
I stood the emptiness,
the rebirth of my soul.
Old grey landscape
far from me behind
A shiver is crossing my spine,
I'm tasting the perfect smile!