Music: F. Gremo
Lyrics: G. SpanÚ

I moved my steps
along that road
I used to walk each day on
I wore my usual hat
grey like the rain
and lost myself in the night

Darkness around
melting with distinct sounds
woke my soul
I felt the need to rise my head
right to the moonlight
I moved my blind eyes
and found a thousand sights

They unify
tunes arise and
whispering words they tell
of beautiful lives or sadly broken
running to their own fates
brothers you never have dreamed of

My Lord,
how can this be fine?
What's that?
Why they speak so loud
while I walk proudly on my path
into this world?

Lonely soul
I know that
they say the sun is still
but every night eve, while I'm sitting
it burns my room with red
falling behind those dark highlands

I, living my life
center of time
perspective of God
you, shining of stars
fade away as new moons rise

Singing their songs they cast
wonderful spells from stars that tell us:
while you sleep someone dies
warm tears drop from their sad eyes and
while your last grain of breath,
leaves your weak mouth and flies
someone is making love
under this moonlight