Music: F. Gremo
Lyrics: G. SpanÚ

Coloured birds singing
September's on its way
wind is so kind and tender
and lulls me gently
Sun has already wished us
a wonderful goodnight
and my spirit is flying
right over your head

Then suddenly, I move my sight
and in the same moment you turn

I?m looking at you
mesmerized by your eyes
no way, time passing by
(I can't do this you will see me)

Time slowing down
She's coming by
bringing along with her
shadows of defiance

Thoughts turn to words
words move on thoughts
delicate synergies
made of love and beauty
minutes are days
clocks stop their beats
and your soul
drags me away from here

The pressure's overwhelming
an evil thought's arising
bitch of soaring feelings
you should be aware of me

Now that we're sitting
and the universe?s above
stars seem to scan inside us
and let it be
like we've dreamed of
when time stopped by us
and told us to feel the

Love, this is true
you?re fading out
clever performer of
wonderful deceptions
Love, please be sure
I'll stare at the world
with new eyes
whispering their anger

This was a tale and it's done
ending is far over countries and seas
it has just begun to give a dream
and take it to a jail